We’ll Arrest Journalists and We’ll Arrest You Too

I don’t think it’s hard to understand why the authorities are using any little thing as an excuse to shut down the first amendment rights of Occupy movements across the US and why they are arresting journalists now too.

What do you understand by them doing this?  They are showing that they can deny the rights to large groups of people.  They are showing that they can ignore a judge’s orders to reopen the park to OWS.  They are showing that they can close airspace when doing mass arrests.  They are showing you that journalists, who have always been allowed to cover the news because of freedom of the press, can have their rights taken away too.  And taken away in front of the whole world and there is no one who is going to stop them.

They want you to see that and they want you to know what they are showing you.  This way they are hoping that you won’t want to speak out or complain about how things are.  Go back to your life as it is.   You may have lost your job or not have health insurance, but at least you aren’t in jail.  Even more people do have jobs and do have health insurance, but see that things aren’t the way they are supposed to be.  Go back to your life as it is.  At least you aren’t in jail.

The problem for the authorities is that they’ve pushed us too far.  They’ve taken away enough that we can no longer be silent.  We’ll stay non-violent even in the face of their violence.  But we will not hide from their wrong doings.  We’ll keep going back and the more of our rights they take away the more they show themselves as they truly are to the world.

This isn’t the America they taught us about in grade school.

The whole world is watching.


3 thoughts on “We’ll Arrest Journalists and We’ll Arrest You Too

  1. As you mention, positive changes can result from OWS only if it takes an entirely non-violent stance. A Gandhi is needed here. The Gandhi film should be “required viewing.” I heard that the Egyptian protestors actively rid their group of violent protestors by turning them over to the police. They were quickly surrounded when they started anything and were brought to the police. In that way violence did not escalate to the extent it would have without that restraint. Physical violence will be looked at as the problem and all eyes will turn away from desirable changes to the financial system.

  2. Donald B. says:

    Way to go! And I agree- Non-violence is essential. The quickest way to become the thing we are resisting is to become violent.

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