Trolls. Not the cute kind.

   So …..  what’s with the trolls on facebook?  Apparently there are people who go looking for posts they disagree with so that they can post hate filled comments on them.  Are these middle school kids with nothing better to do?  Are they mental patients who took over the doctor’s office and got online.  From what I hear, they are actual adults who are doing this.

If a person doesn’t agree with something, wouldn’t they rather focus on what they do agree with?   They could post on their own page about something they like.  Or if there is something they are terribly against, they could think of a solution to the problem and create a page about that.

I actually saw an ad on craigslist for a job position of troll.  Of course they didn’t call it that.  But apparently people actually hire people to do that.  I would love it if I actually thought that most trolls were hired.  Then they would be much less crazy than they seem to be.

I think that trolls are an example of the changing of the world we’re seeing now.  The past included getting for only oneself, insults instead of solutions, and doing what you could get away with.   We as a people don’t want that anymore.  Humanity is evolving.  Some people feel the call of the new way of being.  Some people haven’t gotten out of the old way of thinking yet.  Of course there is chaos as we all move towards what we are evolving into.  And that’s ok.

So ok, for now trolls exist.  Now what I’m not understanding is why people respond to them.  If they were interested in logical thought they wouldn’t be trolling, they would have created a page focused on their ideas for society.

Ignore them.   No response.  No, “thank you for sharing”.  Nothing.  Why are you focusing your attention on a troll when you could have spent that time posting something that would be interesting or beneficial to those who care about what’s happening.

We are winning.  No time to spend on trolls.  We have a country to save.


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