Mark Wagner: Occupy Patience

by Mark Wagner

I have to chuckle at the few comments I see coming from the right, the “moderates” (as they like to call themselves) – questioning Occupy Wall Street – variations on “what do they want?” and “who’s in charge?”….

Quarterly business mentality. They want answers “now!”.

Here’s the deal as I see it:

There is huge dissatisfaction in the country. It began manifesting first on the extreme right. Now, with the ineptitude and intransigence in Congress, total government gridlock, greed and inequity – lacking any subtlety whatsoever – absolutely “in our faces” (the 99% of us)… the rest of the country, young and old alike, have begun to stir and stand up. An awakening.

Direction will form, leadership will emerge. It doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a natural event… not a created one, a groundswell… not a quarterly balance sheet to be produced upon a “what do they want” demand. To you asking those questions, be patient on this one, you’ll get your answers… they’re coming.

It’s time to remake America into the great place, with a big heart, that it used to be, when the world loved us and we did what was right, instead of just “profitable”. America, when it was of the people, by the people, and FOR the people… (actual “flesh and blood” people)….

We need to be in for the long haul. Don’t sit and watch. Join.